All Auditions Are Open to the Public.
When auditioning at TOR  a Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine will be required until further notice.
Auditions start promptly at 7:00 pm.
Please be registered and be in the auditorium
by 7:00 pm.
Registration opens at 6:30 in the lobby area.

All Roles Are Open
Adult Shows age requirements 17 and up

For Musicals
*Everyone must bring a prepared song showing their vocal range.
*You must have accompaniment tracks to your song. 
*Everyone will be shown choreography to perform with the group. 
( Sandals are not permitted on stage)
*If auditioning for a certain role, you may be asked to do another dance.
*You will be given a script to do a cold reading with others auditioning.  
*Some vocal auditions may be held privately with the casting committee.

Book Plays
* Director will have cold readings from the script.
* Maybe some improvisation involved depending on show and director.

Open Auditions for 
Singers and Dancers 
December 13th
Proof of Covid Vaccine Required

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Please bring a prepared song that shows your range and personality.
You must bring a track to sing with either on a phone or CD.
Everyone will be required to do a dance audition with the group.
Please wear comfortable shoes for dancing.
(No Sandals or Flip Flops )
You must be able to perform on ALL  show dates.
No video or zoom auditions.
All auditions must be in person.
No private auditions.

Four female and five male featured roles
Opportunities for featured casting in the ensemble
JOHN GUSTAFSON (retired history teacher) – Male, Age 70
MAX GOLDMAN his neighbor; retired TV repairman)– Male, Age 71
ARIEL TRUAX (college professor; new in town) – Female, Age 52
JACOB GOLDMAN (Max’s son; a lawyer) – Male, Age 39
MELANIE NORTON (John’s daughter; a R.E. agent) – Female, Age 38
SANDRA SNYDER (nefarious tax collector) – Female, Age 40
“GRANDPA” GUSTAFSON (John’s oversexed father) – Male, Age 94
CHUCK BARRELS (owns the town’s general store) – Male, Age 69
PUNKY BARRELS (Chuck’s niece; also new to town) – Female, Age 55 ENSEMBLE (5 men; 3 women) HARRY the accident-prone postman delivers mail to TIM the dubious minister who is married to UNIS the avian addict while STAN the polka champion is browbeaten by his wife FRAN the town gossip KARLA caffeinates all, including BO and LO who appear as movers, orderlies and other random duos (The actor playing KARLA also portrays the NURSE.)